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Photo of Seth Strickland

Seth Strickland

Hardware Engineer II
Office: Sanderford 1329
UMHB Mail Box:UMHB Box 8005900 College St, Box 8005BeltonTX76513
Phone: (254) 295-8641(254) 295-8641
Degrees Earned: Bachelor of Arts

Part I:

His destiny began long before he was born, and it came in the form of a prophecy. It was once foretold that there would be one who would bring balance to techs, one who would bridge the gap between IT and A/V. No one knew when this savior would arrive, but hope for his appearance carried on throughout the ages. Many tried to fill the role of this prophesied deliverer, but they all fell short. Then whispers started to surface, rumors began to spread, emails were sent far and wide – he was here. The one they call Seth Strickland had arrived at UMHB after traveling for many moons from Katy, TX. Everyone was hesitant to place him on a mantle and see him as the one who was foretold. But once he began his work as the Media Support Technologist, it could not be denied any longer. He switched from A/V to IT tasks seemingly at random and without a moment’s hesitation, there had never been anyone like this before him. His mastery of his craft was a true blessing to those in need of his services. It seemed that there was finally peace in the land, IT and A/V could live as one, but only time will tell the true tale. 

Part II:

Alas, peace is just a myth. There is never truly balance between two opposing forces. There is only a temporary truce while power is harvested for one side to attack the other. Seth tried his best to stay neutral, but a never-ending stretch of battles wore down his resolve. He had a choice to make. A noble knight had retired, leaving room within the IT kingdom. Seth had grown to better understand where the IT path led and chose to follow it as far as it would lead him. He accepted the title of Noble Knight Hardware Engineer I, solidifying his ties to the IT kingdom. Many bold and cunning warriors were among those ranks. He had never seen a more tenacious group of men and women, always prepared to wage war on the ever-raging tide of help desk tickets that was piled upon them. He knew that no matter the circumstance he could call upon his brothers and sisters for assistance with any issue he faced. Seth had not only found a side to call his own, he had found a family. Those within UMHB IT had welcomed him into their ranks, and their hearts. 

As Hardware Engineer I, I support:
  • Office/Classroom Computer Hardware
  • Printer Management
  • Hardware Maintenance/Upgrades