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Photo of Mr. Patrick Leech

Mr. Patrick Leech

Adjunct Faculty
History and Political Science Department
Office: Heard
UMHB Mail Box:UMHB Box 8014A900 College St, Box 8014ABeltonTX76513
Phone: (254) 295-4165(254) 295-4165
Subjects Taught: US History
Degrees Earned: BA in History (ACU); MA in History (TAMUCT)

I have a passion for educating (particularly history). Thus, I am always looking for opportunities to teach, speaking engagements, or research assignments. 

One of the more frequent questions I get is about the seeming incongruence between my education (history) and my career (information technology). My short answer is that the skills developed as a historian, namely identifying, researching, analysing, and communicating problems and solutions, are the same skills needed to be successful in IT (and many other fields). 

Outside of the academy, I have experience in documentary production, historical preservation, and museums.

Research Interests

US Foreign Policy, the Cold War, Eastern Europe & the Soviet Union