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Nicole Fischer

Assistant Director, CBE Recruiting
MyWay at UMHB
Office: Mabee 222
UMHB Mail Box:UMHB Box 8004900 College St, Box 8004BeltonTX76513
Phone: (254) 295-4869(254) 295-4869
Degrees Earned: Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting


Richardson, TX

Favorite thing about UMHB

I love UMHB's size! I initially wanted to go to a bigger school, but I found my way to UMHB and I've never regretted it. You get the relational community that comes with smaller schools, combined with a lively student body and robust traditions (and a National Championship winning football team, I might add).

About Me

I came to UMHB in 2009 and I love it so much that I had to come back after graduation - you will see what I mean when you come visit! During my time here, I was involved in Miss MHB, Young Life, and Easter Pageant. I married my husband Adam in 2014 (who also graduated from UMHB) and we now live in Temple with our two boxer pups who we treat like children. We love taking long walks through Target (maybe me more than him), working on house projects, and traveling in our free time.

Fun Fact

I'm a California girl at heart - I was born in California and moved to Texas when I was 7, but I take every chance I can get to go back and visit!

UMHB Journey

After high school, I moved to England for a year to do ministry. While I was over there, UMHB sent a team of students on a mission trip to work in the local communities, and my church happened to be one of the ones they partnered with. I fell in love with the people that I met, and before I knew it, the University Chaplain had set up a campus tour for me the week after I came back to the states. I visited and fell in love with the campus, but still wasn’t sure it was the place for me because at the time, Belton didn’t have a local Young Life team and this was something I knew I was called to be a part of. I explained that to the Chaplain, and lo and behold the next day I got a call from a man wanting to start Young Life in the area asking me if I would be on the first team of leaders. God continued to open the doors for me and 1 month after I saw campus for the first time, I started school here and have never looked back!