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Controller's Office

Name Phone Email Mailbox
Bower, Ms. Sherry 
Financial Services Representative
4529 8003
Gentry, Ms. Maria 
Staff Accountant
4530 8003
Kahlig, Ms. Charla 
5436 8003
Klepac, Ms. Laurie 
Student Accounts Representative
4246 8003
McPeak, Ms. Pat 
Manager, Student Accounts
4531 8003
Newman, Ms. Kim 
Student Accounts Representative
4533 8003
Schmidt, Ms. Lisa 
Clerk, Accounts Payable
4528 8003
Spradlin, Ms. Cathleen 
Payroll Specialist
8637 8003
Stewart, Ms. Laura 
Accounting Specialist
4923 8003
Turner, Ms. Dannyelle 
Assistant Controller
4476 8003