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Mayborn College of Health Sciences - School of Health Professions - Master of Arts in Counseling Program

Name Phone Email Mailbox
Austin, Dr. Jude 
Assistant Professor
4838 8006A
Cade, Dr. Rochelle 
Associate Professor
4612 8006A
Chou, Dr. Wen-Mei 
5432 8006A
Huffman, Ms. Ellen 
5425 8006A
Leonard, Dr. Ty 
5532 8006A
Martin, Dr. Jason 
Assistant Professor
5423 8006A
Turner, Dr. Renee 
Assistant Professor
4548 8006A
Williamson, Dr. Dan 
Director, Master of Arts in Counseling Program
5018 8006A
Williamson, Dr. Jennifer 
5421 8006A