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Admissions and Recruiting

Name Phone Email Mailbox
Aday, Mr. Travis 
Admissions Counselor
4979 8004
Burks, Dr. Brent 
Director, Admissions and Recruiting
4513 8004
Champ, Mr. Josh 
Admissions Counselor
4298 8004
Cowan, Mr. Cody 
Admissions Counselor
4978 8004
Hunter, Ms. Whisper 
Transfer and Data Analyst
4834 8004
Jones, Mr. Nicholas 
Associate Director, Admissions and Recruiting
4249 8004
McPhail, Ms. Abigail 
Admissions Counselor
4521 8004
Mireles, Ms. Vanessa 
Admissions and Recruiting Coordinator
4520 8004
Muñoz, Mr. Patrick 
Assistant Director, Recruiting
4153 8004
Prince, Ms. Bekah 
Admissions Counselor
5043 8004
Simmons, Ms. Jasmine 
Admissions Counselor
4522 8004
Taylor, Mr. Ben 
Assistant Director, Admissions
4514 8004
Zajicek, Ms. Jana 
Records Assistant
4487 8004